Course Project

Metal Gear Blob

  • C#
  • XNA
A stealth game where the player is a blob.

The goal of the game is to get to the cog at the end of each level. There are some obstacles that prevent the blob from getting there however. First of all, as can be seen in the tutorial level, not all doors can be opened directly. Sometimes a key is needed for a door to open. Keys are often hard to get, because they are protected by guards and camera's. The player has no way of defending himself against the Guards so it is best to stay out of sight. Staying on watch for guards and camera's is therefore one of the main gameplay elements.

When the blob is seen by an enemy (for example in the second Level, the player has to be spotted by the camera in order to get the key) it can go into hiding. The blob has the advantage of being a blob. It can hide in places where normal human beings can't get into, like small cracks in the wall, gratings and airducts. In there, the guards can't see him. Pressure to move forward is added through a time limit. The final score is based on the time it takes the player to complete the level, and the number of baguettes collected. The game also features a level editor.

May 2011