Msc Thesis


  • C++
  • OpenGL
Geometry and Attribute Compression for Voxel Scenes

In pretty much all current games, the 3D scene information is rendered as triangles with textures applied to them. Rendering for this is, of-course, super fast if you have a nice NVIDIA graphics card. However, this scene reprentation is limited in the amount of small details that can be represented. Furthermore, ray-casting is very slow in this representation, which makes it hard to do some advanced lighting in real-time.

A cool alternative for triangles are little cubes, basically pixels in 3D. These can very well represent a surface that isn't smooth, and are also very fast to ray-cast against. The disadvantage is that they take terabytes of space when not compressed to get sufficient detail. In this project, I compressed the memory so much that a whole navigable scene can fit into GPU memory.

18 October 2015